Tuesday, 8 February 2011

We are going to Tha Ruea...... 'Huh?'...... Tha Ruea......'Erm. Oh Yes (In a slightly different way) Tha Ruea'....... Yes. That's what we said!

To fit in with the lack of free weekends we decided to travel to visit someone when we had the chance. We left Friday night a got a cheaper bus to Bangkok to try out a different company. It was good so we will probably use that one more often except it didn't have a toilet. We got into Bangkok in the stupidly early hours of the morning and went to get a small bus to the train station. When we finally found the right bus we got on and went to the train station. It took around 1 hour to get there and in all that time we were the only 'farang' on the bus at all. All the others use the really expensive taxi's.
Once we got to the train station, we went to asked someone where to go to get the tickets. This is where the title of this blog comes in. First we said where do we go to buy tickets for Tha Ruea. Over the next few minutes, we had two people trying to figure out where we were saying and eventually when they realised what we said, they said the same thing with only a tiny difference. If you saw our faces, they would have said, 'That's what I have been saying for the past 5 mins'. We eventually managed to get onto the train and then arrived in Tha Ruea and met up with Frances and Jelley.

Once there we spent the day walking around being shown the place and relaxing watching films. In the evening we went to their food market and had some food before going back to their house and watching some Chick-Flicks. We started off with 'Leap Year' which I had never seen before and it was amazing. I absolutely loved it. If you are in need of a Chick-Flick, watch 'Leap Year'. We then eventually went to sleep.

The next morning we all went on the train to Ayuttya. It was fun to start with as we sat on the steps in the train until we were told to move. When we got there, we first went to a bus station to buy tickets back to Bangkok for later but the song-tao driver took us to the wrong place. Thankfully, as he was in the wrong, he didn't charge us and then he took us to the floating market which is such a good place to go. It's really beautiful and is full of everything you would ever want, thankfully I didn't have much money on me otherwise I would have bought so much. Once we had finished there, we got some pizza and ice cream and then went back to the train station and went our separate ways. A really good weekend as we got to see Frances and Jelley and we saw some really beautiful places as well.

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